Not Your Average Conservation Group

We are well accepted as domain experts among our peers in our respective industry i.e., Architecture, Legal, Engineering, Technology are few among many.

What Sets Us Apart

Beyond the shared vision for the worthy cause We are the first customer oriented software with artificial intelligence to manage cost and measure deviations.

An Idea For A Lifelong Dream

Management tools that can be used as demonstrations, generating reports, and more for increment in productivity. Most of the time, organizations fail to fix the LEAKAGE.

“We often know vaguely of who we were, only somewhat of who we are, and zilch of who we may be.”

Meet The Team

Sunny Vohra

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MBA + Engineering with 20 years of work experience. Worked with Alstom, SAP, KPMG, Alstom, IBM at multiple global locations.

Madhvi Walia

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IIM Lucknow + Masters in Construction Management + Architect. Past Experience with Samsung, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, Mumbai Airport.

Prabh Paul

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Multi-hyphenate design professional -Architect. Set Up ANP Group: Clients Walmart, Marriott, HP, NEC, EY, BMW, Blackrock, Seimens, Renault/Nissan..

"You've got to plan for bigger goals while you're doing smaller activities, so that all the smaller activities take you straight to your desired goal"

OUR PURPOSE - To help create technology solutions for the infrastructure that improves the world’s communities.

OUR VISION - To be the leading provider of simplified technology solutions to complex infrastructure problems.