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What is Tracecost?

Tracecost connects all your people, applications, and devices in one central hub. It is cloud based project management software. We assist you to gain insight into your business and make enhanced informed decisions by harnessing data drawn from across the stand. Our tools make data extraction and analysis into effortless data visualizations and easy-to-create reports. These reports get you a holistic view of the project performance.

What products and services does Tracecost offer?

We provide project collaboration solution that digitally connects business owners, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, consultants and other teams, providing complete visibility and management of data, documents and costs across all stages of a construction project lifecycle.

Is it only for construction projects?

Tracecost manages and monitors projects end-to-end. We have the ability to tap micro and macro view of the project. Although, construction is one of the top industries that require continued support of project management tools. We cater to energy, finance and manufacturing sector as well.

Why should I choose Tracecost over other project management softwares?

Tracecost is cloud based project management software. It provides real-time updates and unlimited access to historical information and helps protect you against surprise costs, schedule delays, and any potential disputes. It is complete 360 deg software with all modules which further allows you to access your data through mobile devices with unique features making remote work simpler.

How do you propose the integration of site staff with the software?

Tracecost with it's unique feature is the only project management software that provides access via mobile apps. The site staff can control documents and information- manage project from a distance. It allows you to minimize site travel and yet remain informed about project progress.

Why should I opt for a paid software when i can get easy access to open tools?

There is an expense to any software you adopt. Tracecost, pays for itself by the efficiencies you gain in project communication and reporting.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Do log onto our 'Home' page and click on the link 'Request a Demo'. You may alternatively contact us for Demo. 

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