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Track Fuel Requisition

Equipment Productivity

SAP Integration

Plant & Machinery
Track. Manage. Maintain. Equip

Our equipment management module will give you the ability to perform fuel tracking, report tools, and maintain equipment and facilities management which maximize your business operation.

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Boost Equipment Performance with our Real-Time Equipment Management Module

With its user-friendly, our P&M module provides end users a clear pathway to track and manage their equipment more effectively and avoid unforeseen problems at the project site.

  • Track equipment maintenance schedule

  • Track equipment fuel

  • It extends the life of the equipment you invest in.

  • It helps you give intelligent decisions about whether to keep or discard your equipment from the site.

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Daily Log Book

Daily log report helps you to keep track of all your equipment details and the usage at site.

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Fuel Requisition

Tracking fuel helps you to automatically generate fuel economy metrics to monitor the fuel usage, and fuel theft of any machinery.

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Material Maintenance

Our software provides maintenance schedule and tracking service archives for all tools, trucks and construction equipment.

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Assign Equipment

Assigning equipment to a respective functional location for operation with our SAP integration.



Our dashboards break down equipment management records into visual charts, graphs, and tables in order to easily analyze your project activity.

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Reduce Risk on Site

By using tags that helps to locate construction equipment in real-time, where site managers can easily locate the assets in site.

Manage and Track all your Equipment and Tools in one System to Improve Productivity

Manage all your equipment assets by recording daily logs report of all activities. Daily log reports manage your equipment work orders in order to track and schedule tasks in an effective manner.

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Explore our Construction Management Software

Mob/Demob module provides a digital platform to create and update mobilization and demobilization checklists and keeps a track of asset, material, and resource requirements.

The purchase module helps users track the life cycle of a purchase request till the stock is issued.

Our Billing module will give you the ability to track and automate billing procedures as per the milestones or contractual terms personalized by you.

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Satisfy the requirements for recording and checking DPR entries, tracking resources and labor counts, and generating reports, data integration, and progress tracking via various dashboards.

CMS software allows you to keep track of contract performance and workflow agreements in real-time and keep everything interlinked with the budget.

DMS module creates an integrated document management platform to organize, store, distribute and share files to ensure that all team members have access to the information they require.

EHS module ensures that your employees are trained and safe at all times making the site environment safer & more productive.

Improve the quality and visibility of your projects with a quality management system approach, reduce reworks and keep your project consistent and efficiency.

VMS enables Vendors to easily track details of site and the opportunity available in each site at any given time.

Our equipment management software will give you the ability to perform fuel tracking, report tools, and maintain equipment and facilities management which maximize your business operation.

Your data is your most powerful. Turn your project information into meaningful, actionable insights that will guide your business.

Minimise manual data entry by any 3rd party ERP systems you trust.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity 

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