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Media Coverage

Tracecost has been covered by various esteemed Media Network/News Agency in primarily 3 different mediums i.e., Print Media (Newspaper, Magazines etc), Broadcast Media (TV, Radio etc) and Online. Tracecost has had a modest run with Media as the Tracecost team has been part of various discussion forums. We thoroughly believe that technology shall play a revitalizing role in the industry via improved form of communication, real-time updates, mobile/decentralized teams and social collaboration.

We always have a story to tell, so check our news section often and contact us if you need more information!


“Tracecost uses technology to predict the outcomes of projects using data you already have, such as the planned start and end date of various phases of the project (and, if you have them, estimates about any backlogs) to learn the completion rate of the team and predict the likelihood of delivering on time. 


Being friendly with investors can really help, as they can open doors for you and get you new clients through referrals. It’s always a good idea, however, to keep a healthy distance, says Madhvi Walia, 34, co-founder of Tracecost Inc

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