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Digitised reporting increases productivity

In the construction industry, there are numerous items that a project team needs to be aware of on a daily basis. While everyone can share this information by word of mouth or multiple emails, there is an easier way.

The most successful construction companies choose to generate different reports that share all the information that is needed so the work can continue on schedule and on budget.

In recent years, as technology has advanced, everyone can simply click on a programme and have all the filed reports at their fingertips.

This means that everyone can easily refer back to other reports wherever they are and stay current with information that is shared throughout the workday. Digital reporting can take a serious administrative and mental burden off those in charge, such as foremen, project leaders, and project architects.

Increased productivity with usage of technology

What is field reporting?

Reporting from the field isn’t normally a one-man job. Typically, almost everyone on the ground is part of the reporting process. It can’t be different if we take into account that all tasks and activities on the site are closely connected to each other. The slightest delay in one task can have a serious impact on the budget and the time frame of the entire project.

Without a doubt, field reporting is one of the main pillars for the success of every project in construction. Through this process, the people on site have full visibility and a good understanding of what needs to be done.

Nevertheless, the way progress is documented plays a substantial role. Traditional reporting requires a lot of time and resources on a day-to-day basis. It’s a serious administrative load which can hinder productivity.

The reason is that everyone is working on an isolated way and as a result, the different stakeholders of the projects are unable to remain on top of the field reporting process. This can create costly misunderstandings and project delays.

This is where the importance of dashboards that can be updated in real time becomes apparent. In a nutshell, dashboards give management an overview to monitor progress and efficiency of the project managers and subcontractors on site.

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