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Mobilize and Demobilize Using Fullkitting Module

Once the contractor has legally accepted the letter of award, the contractor needs to start mobilizing his workforce to the construction site, which typically takes 15 to 30 days. This short period of time is financially draining for the contractor.

Mobilize and Demobilize Using Fulkitting
Mobilize and Demobilize Using Fulkitting

In this case, the client wishes to relieve some of the financial burdens on the contractor, as no payments have yet been made to the contractor. At this point, the client provides a Secured Advance to mobilize the construction site and then recover it from the contractor's RA bills. Setting up a site office, labor hutment, material storage, cement go down, creating an approach road, fencing the site, administrative charges, plant & equipment rentals, and so on and so forth are all part of the mobilization process on a construction site.

Challenges of mobilization and demobilization in construction projects

If the site is not properly mobilized, the multitude of activities will begin to spiral out of control. Task coordination is critical at this stage because any delays in the mobilization stages will have a direct impact on the master schedule, which must be strictly adhered to.

The activities will have many resources assigned to them and keeping track of all the resources and their stages of completion will be critical. These activities, if not properly managed, will elude the contractor and cast him in a negative light in front of the client.

Other major challenges include coordinating the necessary service and connection changes, road closures, and restrictions to allow for the work to be completed, as well as ensuring that employees receive the necessary site induction, training, and information to operate without putting their health or safety at risk.

Manage mobilize and demobilize workforce by tracecost fullkitting module:

Tracecost offers a solution in this case by using a digital platform to create and update the mobilization checklist, which aids in ensuring that all activities are fulfilled and completed. The user can define their own required Checklist and easily keep track of its status. Similarly, Fullkitting allows you to deal with demobilization activities in a similar manner.

Tracecost offers a complete construction management solution. The Fullkitting module includes the following features: -

  • Having a central repository of information to carry out Mobilisation and Demobilisation activities.

  • Provides all the necessary Assets, Materials, and Resources to complete the activity.

  • Eliminates confusion among the team about the completion of any task in the mobilization and demobilization stages.

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