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Construction Project & Vendor Management System

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

We re-engineered and fundamentally improved the project management experience both from an internal and client facing perspective, allowing it to provide full transparency to the owners along with the project vendors.

We started with our comprehensive assessment and discovery by documenting current operations and gathering an in-depth understanding of the project requirements. We documented workflows and looked for bottlenecks and weak spots.

During the solutions phase we designed new workflows that sped up the processes, reduced risk of delays, improved communication and had less room for error all around.

We then designed and developed a robust, secure and intuitive platform that took a complex process and made it streamlined and intuitive.

Some of the major features of the platform include:

Construction document management / Version control & sharing

Streamlined RFI & Submittal workflows

Calendaring system & automated reminders

Advanced activity analytics & dashboards

Role based access to projects and features

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