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Why choose Tracecost, a cloud based project management software?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

What is cloud-based project management?

Cloud-based project management software coordinates the planning, collaborating, monitoring, and delivering of a project. It allows project managers and teams to get work done using a network of tools available within the software, rather than using a plain old whiteboard and sticky notes. The use of project management software scales from business to business—and team to team. But, in all, it is designed to make managing projects and deadlines easier and more effective.

What are the advantages of a cloud-based project management tool?

Cloud-based solutions have been a dominant trend in the business industry for the last few years. New and improved software solutions have been entering the market on a regular basis, making it difficult for organizations to find the right tool. But before you start looking for a project management tool, it’s important to explore the many advantages a cloud-based project management solution has to offer.

Bringing the world closer

Benefits of using cloud-based project management software for your business

1. Easy access

First and foremost, cloud-based project management software allows you to access information from any part of the world, provided you have an internet connection. Also, you can access content from multiple devices – mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Whether you are in a meeting room, a conference room, or a living room in your house – you can have access to all your information right at your fingertips. It successfully eliminates any requirement to be linked to a particular server at your workplace or any specific platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). Thus, it provides a lot of flexibility and ease in accessing information from anywhere in the world.

2. Easy to get started with

The best part of having a cloud-based project management tool is the ease it provides the people to get started with it. It does not require any rigorous training, knowledge of extra tools or installations. Unlike conventional methods, which would require you to have specific training about that tool, this software is designed to be used in the simplest ways. You can link it with any of your social media handles and you are good to go.

3. Highly cost-effective

This cloud-based management software is very easy on your pocket. You don’t need to spend millions on buying servers, additional installations, or buying additional storage. Additionally, most of them provide high-standard customer experience and technical support to the buyers. Thus, it is highly cost-effective making it a technology worth investing in.

4. Improved collaboration and productivity

Online cloud-based project management tools provide a centralized place for communication and document sharing which results in high productivity for every team member without any financial costs. For instance, Tracecost provides a collaborative platform for effective communication and document. Thus, these tools create many avenues for improved collaboration and better productivity at work.

5. No additional installations and hardware

One of the many advantages these tools offer is that they do not require any hardware or any additional installations. Unlike old-school technologies where you need to buy additional licenses for every computer with new settings. Cloud-based PM tool eliminates the need for this completely.

6. Low maintenance technology

Tracecost being highly cost-effective are also low on maintenance. You don’t need an army of IT people running here and there solving tackling software-related challenges. Moreover, the vendors take care of any issues or requirements such as version upgrades and anomalies in the online cloud-based project management software.

7. Reliable and secure

It is made with world-class technologies and undergoes several security measures. Thus, this software is very reliable and secure. Even if your laptop gets stolen or lost, you just need to log in from your online account and change the password to protect your data.

8. Allows web-based integrations

To run a business effectively, one has to take help from a number of applications and services. So, it becomes a necessity for the cloud-based project management tool to allow various web-based integrations in one centralized place. It allows users to manage a plethora of tasks and services simultaneously in one place. This, consequently, helps in saving a lot of time and improving productivity.

9. Support for remote teams

Today, more and more organizations are rooting for cross-functional and decentralized teams. They are building teams with a combination of local, remote, and overseas talents. In order to make these teams work, each team member should be able to collaborate, share information, and access critical documents whenever and wherever they need to. That’s what cloud-based project management solutions are designed to help with. One of the critical benefits of using a project management tool is that it enables teams to become more mobile and remote.

10. Super time saver

Being able to visualize the overall timeline for the completion of a project or deliverable is an important aspect of the project management process. With the help of project management software, managers and teams can not only visualize or evaluate the project timeline, but they can also track the exact amount of time that needs to be spent (or has been spent) on a specific task, milestone, or project. Doing this makes it easier for everyone on the team to get a clear understanding of how long each task will take, how each task groups together, and what they can do to cut down the delivery time, thereby finding ways to save tons of time.

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